Nursery Rhymes for Babies

Nursery Rhymes for BabiesNursery rhymes are a topic that every new parent should be well versed in. It is only because of the thorough research done on this matter. It is basically a topic related to neuropsychology. Many people have different opinions but the one thing that is settled is that nursery rhymes help in the verbal development of the babies.

In the earlier years of a baby’s childhood, many parents stress on his walking, smiling and chanting but one thing a very few of them do is singing chirpily to them. Singing the traditional lullabies and nursery rhymes helps in developing the mind of the little one. It has been observed lately, that nowadays many children on entering the school have very little speaking prowess and find it difficult to communicate what they want.

Nursery rhymes help the babies in making them smart and it has been observed that such babies learn to read quickly than others and love studying different things. Moreover other benefits of nursery rhymes in babies lives include increasing focal abilities, finding it easy to pay attention and helping the baby brain to read, recognize and remember things for the future. Baby nursery thymes are good for team activities. Listening and singing nursery rhymes together allows kids, including shy ones, to feel comfortable and confident about dancing, singing and performing. They see and know the relations between rhythm, movement and words.

Lastly, the rhymes are a culture! They help in forwarding that culture generation after generation. Singing lullabies and nursery rhymes to the babies is helping them understand the environment and culture where they are born.

Some of the famous nursery rhymes for babies include

  1. Round and Round the Garden
  2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  3. This Little Piggy went to the market
  4. Old McDonald had a Farm
  5. Rock a Bye Baby
  6. I am Little Teapot
  7. Mary had a Little Lamb

It is always nice to pick a tune and sing along it. Old grannies and nannies used to be great at it. But it is not too difficult. You don’t need it to be something awesome. It just needs to something catchy. And you know it very well that it is the parents that the babies love the most.

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