Finger Family Nursery Rhymes

Introduction: Finger family nursery rhymes are one form of popular music we have all been introduced to at a very young age. For as far back as time goes, mothers have been humming soothing tunes to calm fidgety newborns. The practice continues well into childhood, and once kids learn how to read, nursery rhymes are their all-time favorites. Studies show that young children in particular respond well to the rhyming style of nursery rhymes and quickly learn to memorize them based on the tune. This practice has also been tested with things like safety messages and the results have been astonishing. Time and again, Finger family nursery rhymes have proven to help children memorize better and faster, retain information more readily and for a longer time, and generally do better in their studies. Finger family nursery rhymes are also a great way of establishing developmental milestones and improving your child’s speech functions. Beyond these benefits for your child’s healthy mental development, a lot of nursery rhymes provide a basic introduction to social settings. They also give you the opportunity for a fun filled time with your young one in order to create a stronger bond with each other – and the rest of the family.
Nursery Rhymes for Kids:

Finger family nursery rhymes changed a lot from our time. Sure, we all remember being sung the familiar Old MacDonald tune, or the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Thanks to the advances in technology, particularly computer graphic imaging, nursery rhymes have evolved into something beyond words and tunes. These days Best music for children are all the rage. As a parent, this really should be news for you – after all, today’s generation has a lot more interactive learning opportunities than we did. In a way, that is a good thing. For one, it helps children develop the use of the multiple abilities together to form a cohesive picture of the world around them. Another benefit is the visual stimulation provided along with nursery rhymes helps children establish a baseline for expected or acceptable behavior in certain situations. The latest research also shows that Best music for children & Finger Family Song for Kids help children better interact with each other, and form stronger bonds with their families.

Popular Nursery Rhymes:
Without further ado, here are some of the most popular Nursery rhymes for babies, your kids are bound to enjoy:

  1. Johnny Johnny Yes Papa:
    A classic nursery rhyme, Johnny Johnny Yes Papa is available in video form at a length of around 70 minutes. That’s over an hour of fun filled entertainment for your kids.
  2. Wheels on the Bus:
    At just under 1 hour long, the Wheels on the Bus come back to life again with colorful graphics and shapes to keep the little ones mesmerized.
  3. Color Songs Collection:
    Fun and educational, this video teachers children about color names with a catchy tune. Perfect for when your toddler is about to start school.
  4. Finger Family Collection:
    Straight from the drawing board, this fresh collection of 7 Finger Family songs provides short, fun filled videos tailored for the shorter attention span of younger children and toddlers.

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