Baby Bedtime Rhymes

cow jumped over the moonThe bedtime rhymes or lullabies are incredibly crucial and one doesn’t forget them to make a part of the baby’s childhood. Singing the rhymes to the children helps them in remembering this tradition for their whole lifetime. First of all, it calms them right down. While singing, stroking their little quivering bodies helps them sleep easily and instantaneously. The baby’s body tired from the day’s roaming around gradually turns slow, lazy and sleepy due to the soporific power in the lullabies. More so, the words that they listen to everyday before sleeping cash out a huge chunk of their memories and they start to know each of them by heart. Lullabies and rhymes signal the official start of nighttime. They know that when the rhymes will be finished, it will be time for their goodnight kiss and comfortable sleep.

Some of the popular baby bedtime rhymes include:-

  • Are You Sleeping
  • Hush little baby
  • Itsy-Bitsy Spider
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Baa baa Black Sheep
  • Rock-a-bye baby
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • All that pretty horses
  • Cow jumped over the moon

While these two favorite lullabies are a mainstay and can never be skipped, the babies are also entertained if you could make a rhyme of your own. That is certainly an art. Pick up your own tune and surprise the little one with what you have constructed. Some of the rhymes even have historical stories behind them and the children remember those stories much easily in the poetic niche. It thrills them immensely. Several of them are centuries old, yet they are still relevant and continue to entertain the little ones.

When you think bedtime rhymes what are the qualities you look for? It should definitely be not too short and not too long. It ought to complete itself before the baby crawls in to sleep for the night. The rhymes must be soothing, calming, and easy to understand too. Thus, they promote sleep. If the nursery rhymes contain a plot, it makes them all the more interesting and movie-like. But they should diminish the main purpose of promoting the sleep in the little one. Another good thing to follow is to select such rhymes which have a happy ending and absolutely no monsters or scary moments.

Babies love when their parents sing lullabies for them – regardless of their voices. It will anyway make them feel safe and relaxed! So you have no excuses – enjoy singing lullabies for your kids!

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